OJSC Morion (previously Perm Telecommunication Equipment Factory) was incorporated in 1957. OJSC Marion is now one of the leading Russian companies which focus on the development, production and implementation of telecommunication equipment. 

The key products are digital communication systems for TDM and IP networks, multifunctional primary multiplexers, optical media converters, PDH and SDH communication systems, subscriber access equipment, technological communication systems for institutional and corporate networks with cable and fiber-optic line links, Ethernet switches, broadband user equipment, measurement and control equipment, power equipment, uninterruptible power supply equipment, cross-connect equipment, cabinets, racks, and frames. 

The product line by OJSC Morion provides the “turnkey” solutions for public network operators, technological networks, and dedicated networks. The products are manufactured as serial as well as customizable ones.   

OJSC Morion performs installation, commissioning, and renders support services for the customers. The company has a certified reference laboratory for verification and calibration of measurement equipment and certification laboratory for the certification of product compliance with the electromagnetic interference parameters. OJSC Morion also offers services for contract assembly of electronic components and integration testing of communications equipment. 

OJSC Tact (the subsidiary company of OJSC Morion) designs and develops information transmission systems for “Morion” production program, using modern tools to design electronic equipment and the latest element base. Such designed samples undergo functional and stress testing at the site equipped with network equipment, measurement and control equipment and test chambers and stands. 

The automated assembly of printed boards is carried out at the production facilities using the assembly lines by SMT Universal and Samsung. Mechanical assembly, controlling, temperature aging, technical control of the finished products are also performed at the production facilities. 

The major customers of OJSC Morion are OJSC Gazprom and OJSC Transneft, OJSC Russian Railways, OJSC RAO “UES of Russia” as well as law enforcement agencies. 

In 2011 and 2013, OJSC Morion won the contest “Best City Enterprise by Production Efficiency and Social Issues Solution” in the category “Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment.” OJSC Morion is honored with the International Award “European Standard” (2011).


Contact information:

Address: 111 Shosse Kosmonavtov, 614990 Perm

Tel.: (342) 214-4993, (342) 221-8910

Fax: (342) 221-7916



Director General - Buskin Viktor Vladimirovich