LLC Demidkovo Project

LLC Demidkovo Project is involved in the implementation of a large construction investment project, which is a part of the global project of Perm Financial and Industrial Group on the revival of the Demidkovo village that existed in the Dobryanka district in the early 20th century and was flooded by the construction of the Kama-river water storage in 1950s.

The general plan includes the construction in the Demidkovo village of over 100 thousand sq. m. of houses as well as social and engineering infrastructure.

The total construction area is about 241 ha. The project began in 2005. Since that time the Perm Krai administration passed a resolution on the revival of this settlement and two laws on the definition of the village location. The village construction project is expected to take 7-10 years.

The first stage of construction of the Demidkovo villages includes the construction of 23 premium wood houses at a land site of 10.47 ha.

A limited number of houses at land sites from 20 to 80 hundred sq. m., the choice of HONKA, a Finland-based world leading manufacturer of wooden houses, the idea of creating a country club, the members of which acquire a privileged format of everyday life, recreation and entertainment and a VIP-beach with a yacht stand make the Demidkovo village an unrivalled residential complex of premium or de-luxe segment.

The team working on the Demidkovo project comprises true professionals and strong partners: the world’s largest manufacturer of wooden houses international concern HONKA and Perspectiva corporation, which is an official broker of the project.

The concept of the next construction stages of Demidkovo village will differ from the premium segment both in terms of class and construction technologies. The project contemplates housing construction (a school combined with a sports center, retail facilities) with total area of 3,560 sq. m. It is also planned to build a mountain skiing resort (including a hotel and an entertainment center) with total area 38,870 km.

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