Perm stock company LLC

«Perm stock company LLC» is one of the largest regional stock market operator, a leading investment company in Perm Krai.

Perm stock company provides the following services as a broker:

  • Financial services at the Moscow Stock Exchange;
  • Internet trading; trading systems «ITS-Broker» or QUIK;
  • Marginal lending;
  • Loans against securities;
  • Short-term interest deposits;
  • Individual Investment Accounts opening.

Perm Stock Company combines is a partner that is necessary for an investor interested in increasing his funds. The company’s customers have additional benefits:

  • Analytical support. Weekly reports and long-term forecasts help clients to make trading decisions;
  • EDM (Electronic document management);
  • Functional personal account on the company’s website;
  • Standby equipment provides uninterrupted operation of trading systems.

Perm Stock Company follows modern technologies and develops new lines of services. Highly qualified employees of the company provide high-quality service for our customers.

«Perm stock company LLC» annually becomes the laureate of the «Elite of the Stock Market» competition among companies in the Ural region. 


LLC Perm Stock Company
Address: 15 Monastyrskaya st., Perm, Russia 614990
Tel.: +7 (342) 210-30-05