LLC Managing Company Parma-Management

«Parma-Management» asset management company LLC is the strategy partner of Perm Financial and Industrial Group.

The company has been working on the market of collective investments since 1998. The purpose of company’s business is the establishment of financial instrument which will provide high return and satisfy the requirements of investors.

«Parma-Management» operates several mutual investment funds.

Individual asset management is relevant if the sum of investments is more than 2 mln. rubles. In this case, the asset management strategy will depend on objectives and needs of investor.

Individual asset management is the right decision for investor who wants to raise capital, but don’t have an opportunity or willingness to invest his\her money on its own.

The business of the company is licensed and controlled by the state.


15 Monastyrskaya str., Perm, 614000, Russia
telephone: +7 (342) 210-30-05


«Parma-Management» asset management company LLC. FFMS license for management of investment funds, mutual investment funds and nongovernmental pension funds №21-000-1-00067 from 03 July of 2002 for an unlimited period of time. FFMS license for professional participant of securities market for securities management № 059-09779-001000 from 21 December 2006 for an unlimited period of time.