Banking activities

OJSC JSCB Uralsky Finansovy Dom

OJSC JSCB Ural FD is the largest independent all-service bank of the Permsky Krai. The key business of Ural FD is the provision of services to individuals and legal entities and private banking services to VIP-customers.


Retail Business


Corporate Business



     Private Banking Services

Since 2007, the bank has had its own processing center for issuing and servicing the cards o international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.

In 2013 Ural FD has introduced to the market of the Permsky Krai the subsidiary retail brand Klookva. The main goal of launching the new brand was to provide assistance in resolving everyday financial targets of each customer and develop long-term trusted relations. Today Klookva provides a broad range of retail services: loans, deposits, internet banking, foreign currency transactions, salary projects, insurance and investment services.

The bank's infrastructure includes 1 branch, 23 offices, 115 ATMs in Perm, Moscow, Berezniki, Gubakha, Solikamsk and Chaikovsky.


As at September, 2013, the current retail customers’ base of the bank amounts to about 200 thousand people.

The bank’s corporate customers include over 4.6 thousand enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of the Permsky Krai. About 3.6 thousand accounts use distant banking systems.

Ural FD corporate customers include such large enterprises as OJSC Permenergosbyt, OJSC Uralkaliy, OJSC Metafraks, EKS AUTO, Prognoz, LUKOIL group companies based in Perm, etc.


Ural FD holds the general license issued by the Bank of Russia and licenses for servicing the accounts of individuals and legal entities in Russian rubles and foreign currency, licenses for broker’s dealer’s and depositary operations.

Participation in associations and organizations

Ural FD is a member of the Regional Banks’ Association “Russia” and a member of the Perm Banking Union. On November, 2004, OJSC JSCB Ural FD was included into the register of the banks participating in the compulsory deposit insurance system.

The correspondents’ network of the bank comprises 14 Russian banks; and also Ural FD has correspondent relations with the banks from Germany, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan.

Financial indicators

As at 01.11.2013, Ural FD authorized capital amounts to RUB 2.1 billion rubles, equity capital – to RUB 3.2 billion, net total balance (assets) – to RUB 24.7 billion. The assets of corporate customers exceed RUB 7.2 billion, assets raised from individuals total RUB 13.2 billion. The bank’s loan portfolio is equal to RUB 17.9 billion, securities – to RUB 0.8 billion (ordinary shares).

By key performance indicators: from net assets and to loan and deposit portfolio Ural FD demonstrates stable dynamics among the largest Russian banks and occupies the best positions by absolute figures in the financial market of the Permsky Krai.


Central office: 64 Lenina st., Perm, 614990

Phone: +7 (342) 240-10-70, fax: +7 (342) 240-10-69.
Alexey Vyrkov – Chairman of OJSC JSCB Ural FD Managing Committee

Stock market

Perm stock company LLC

«Perm stock company LLC» is one of the largest regional stock market operator, a leading investment company in Perm Krai.

Perm stock company provides the following services as a broker:

  • Financial services at the Moscow Stock Exchange;
  • Internet trading; trading systems «ITS-Broker» or QUIK;
  • Marginal lending;
  • Loans against securities;
  • Short-term interest deposits;
  • Individual Investment Accounts opening.

Perm Stock Company combines is a partner that is necessary for an investor interested in increasing his funds. The company’s customers have additional benefits:

  • Analytical support. Weekly reports and long-term forecasts help clients to make trading decisions;
  • EDM (Electronic document management);
  • Functional personal account on the company’s website;
  • Standby equipment provides uninterrupted operation of trading systems.

Perm Stock Company follows modern technologies and develops new lines of services. Highly qualified employees of the company provide high-quality service for our customers.

«Perm stock company LLC» annually becomes the laureate of the «Elite of the Stock Market» competition among companies in the Ural region. 


LLC Perm Stock Company
Address: 15 Monastyrskaya st., Perm, Russia 614990
Tel.: +7 (342) 210-30-05



LLC Insurance Company ADONIS

LLC Insurance Company ADONIS is the only local insurance company, registered and operating in the territory of the Permsky Krai since 1992. 

The Members of Insurance Company ADONIS are the following:

LLC Perm Financial and Industrial Group – 83.92%

Open Joint-Stock Company Uralsky Finansovy Dom Commercial Bank– 16.08% 

The paid up authorized capital amounts to RUB 590,640,000. 


С No. 0585 59 of 17.05.2006 for carrying out insurance

С No. 0585 59-24 for the compulsory insurance of motor-car owner third party liability (OSAGO)

С No. 0585 59-18 for the compulsory insurance of civil liability of the enterprises, representing the sources of increased danger (OSGOP)

С No. 0585 59-18 for the compulsory insurance of civil liability of the enterprises, representing the sources of increased danger (OSOPO)

P No. 0585 59 of 17.05.2006 for carrying out re-insurance 

Mission: To promote sustainable business development and welfare of our customers, providing responsible coverage and high standards of service. 

LLC Insurance Company Adonis is assigned the reliability rating A “High level of reliability,” its rating outlook is “stable.” 

LLC Insurance Company Adonis is an active member of the RSA (Russian Association of Motor Insurers) (certificate No. 0215 of September 16, 2013).

The company is a member of the National Union of Liability Insurers, Union of Insurers “Ural- Siberian Agreement”. 

LLC Insurance Company Adonis is accredited by the following banks: VTB 24, Sberbank of Russia, OJSC JSCB Proinvestbank, OJSC JSCB Ural FD, LLC Setelem Bank. 

The partners of LLC Insurance Company Adonis are VTB, MDM-Bank, NB Trust, SKB-Bank. 

The company was incorporated in March 1992 as a medical insurance company. In 1994 it became an all-service insurance company.

LLC Insurance Company ADONIS has large network of branches, which includes 20 branches and 9 offices in the Permsky Krai. The Company works both with individuals and legal entities. 

The Company offers the following types of insurance: 

For individuals:

  • MOD insurance (KASKO), compulsory insurance of motor-car owner third party liability (OSAGO), third party car insurance (AGO);
    • Household and building insurance;
    • Mortgage package insurance;
    • Accident and illness insurance;
    • Financial risk insurance when using bank cards;
    • Deposit insurance;
    • “Atikleshch” Voluntary Medical Insurance Program (insurance against tick bites)

 For legal entities:

  • Voluntary medical insurance;
  • MOD insurance (KASKO), compulsory insurance of motor-car owner third party liability (OSAGO), third party car insurance (AGO);
  • Property insurance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Compulsory insurance of civil liability of the companies owing increased danger sources;
  • Insurance of civil liability of the enterprises, representing the sources of increased danger (voluntary);
  • Compulsory insurance of the civil liability of carriers before passengers;
  • Insurance of air transportation vehicles;
  • Professional liability insurance;
  • Package insurance of banking risks;
  • Deposit insurance. 

The insurance portfolio of Adonis has a well-balanced structure. The Company’s customers include the following large enterprises and companies: 

LLC Perm Financial and Industrial Group

OJSC Commercial Bank Uralsky Finansovy Dom

LLC Demidkovo Sanatorium

CJSC ER-Telecom Holding

OJSC Morion


NP Stroganoff Club of Manufacturers and Financiers

Perm Zoo

LLC Burservis-Perm Oil Company

OJSC Perminvestbank Commercial Bank

Companies of LLC Neftserviceholding

LLC Production of ceramic bricks on Zakamennoy

LLC Perm Integration Company

OJSC Solikamskiy Meat Plant

LLC Perm Real Estate Agency

LLC Parma-Management Management Company

LLC UMA Capital


LLC Parma-Telecom

LLC Perm Stock Company

Optimum Group of Companies

LLC ZHBK-1Cement Trading Company

OJSC Permagrosnab

Astron Group of Companies

LLC Ural Leasing Corporation

CJSC Ermak Management Company

LLC Ermak Investment Company

CJSC Polyot Hotel

LLC Publishing House Prikamye

LLC Innovative Ceramics


LLC ElitStroy , LLC Energolain

LLC Yamalenergoresurs

LLC  Design Workshop StroyEkspert

LLC Private Security Company Perm Security Service

LLC Trade House May

LLC Labdiagnostika and others


LLC Insurance Company Adonis obtained the license P No. 0585 59 of May 17, 2006 to carry out inwards reinsurance. Today the Company’s reinsurance partners include over 20 insurance and reinsurance companies. Adonis has also worked with foreign insurance brokers and reinsurers.

The reinsurance agreements cover all major types of insurance carried out by the company: property and liability insurance, voluntary medical insurance, mortgage insurance, motor-vehicle insurance, insurance of property, cargoes and liability of various types. 

The staff of LLC Insurance Company Adonis includes highly qualified specialists with the relevant education and significant work experience in the field of insurance. 


Main office:

6, P. Solovyeva St., Perm

Office hours: 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Office is closed on every Saturday and Sunday.

Tel. (342) 241-02-87, 241-02-88
Fax (342) 241-10-68

General Director – Perkhun Dmitry Yuryevich 

Property Insurance Department:

(342) 241-01-38, 241-01-36

Medical Insurance Department:

(342) 241-18-81

Losses Settlement Center:

Left part of the building, ground floor, office 111, Bldg. 27, 111 Kosmonavtov shosse, Perm

tel. (342) 215-37-95, 215-40-12

Supplementary Office "Morion" – insurance:

Left part of the building, ground floor, office 115, Bldg. 27, 111 Kosmonavtov shosse, Perm

tel. (342) 214-47-74, 215-39-74 

Offices and branches in Perm and Permsky Krai: 

20, Gazety Zvezda St., Perm, tel. (342) 212-84-62

43, Marshala Rybalko St., Perm, tel. (342) 253-21-40 (to the left of Norman)

58, Lenina St., Barda, tel. (34292) 2-25-36

Offices 219, 220, 231, 47 Lenina St., Berezniki, tel. (3424) 26-48-39

54, Parizhskoj Kommuny St., Berezniki, tel. (3424) 24-10-65

3, Torgovy per., Bolshaya Sosnova, tel. (34257) 2-74-91

61, Sovetskaya St., Vereshchagino, tel. (34254) 3-14-71

71, Sverdlova St., Gornozavodsk, tel. (34269) 4-36-96

18-4, Gazety “Pravda” St., Gubakha, tel. (34248) 4-16-49 , 4-15-86

41, Pobedy St., Dobryanka, tel. (34265) 2-21-73

4, Gagarina St., Karagaj, tel. (34297) 3-26-10

42, Gagarina St., Krasnovishersk, tel. (34243) 3-04-68

12, Bolshevistskaya St., Krasnokamsk, tel. (34273) 7-20-08 , 06-04-26

35, 50 let Oktyabrya St., Kudymkar, tel. (34 260) 4-57-76

29, Kirova St., Kudymkar, tel. (34260) 4-55-17

9, Sports St., Kueda, tel. (34 262) 3-23-13

67, Lenina St., Kungur, tel. (34271) 3-16-04

42, Smyshlyaeva  St., Lysva, tel. (34249) 6-06-49, 07-06-49

42, Traktovaya St., Octyabrsky

1, Zarechnaya St., Orda, tel. (34258) 2-09-58

41, Sporta St., Osa, tel. (34291) 4-32-33

79, Stepana Razina St., Osa, tel. (34 291) 4-33-65

22, Kalinina , Ocher, tel. (34278) 3-15-40

7a, Neftyanikov St., Polazna, tel. (342) 291-21-18

56/2, Sovetskaya St., Solikamsk, tel. (34253) 07-07-34 , 07-07-35

1, Kolkhoznaya St., Suksun, tel. (34275) 3-23-79

offices 214, 216, 26 Primorsky bul., Tchaikovsky, tel. (34241) 3-58-43, 4-15-88

5, Komsomolskaya St., Ust- Kishert, tel. (34252) 3-14-44

13B, Communistichseskaya St., Chernushka, tel. (34261) 44-0-36

50 let VLKSM St., Chusovoy, tel. (34256) 4-83-60 , 4-92-56

18, Lenin St., Yurla, tel. (34294) 2-18-18

13, Sovetskaya St., Yusva, tel. (34246) 2-72-98


Adonis is the sphere of the comfortable insurance.


Collective investments

LLC Managing Company Parma-Management

«Parma-Management» asset management company LLC is the strategy partner of Perm Financial and Industrial Group.

The company has been working on the market of collective investments since 1998. The purpose of company’s business is the establishment of financial instrument which will provide high return and satisfy the requirements of investors.

«Parma-Management» operates several mutual investment funds.

Individual asset management is relevant if the sum of investments is more than 2 mln. rubles. In this case, the asset management strategy will depend on objectives and needs of investor.

Individual asset management is the right decision for investor who wants to raise capital, but don’t have an opportunity or willingness to invest his\her money on its own.

The business of the company is licensed and controlled by the state.


15 Monastyrskaya str., Perm, 614000, Russia
telephone: +7 (342) 210-30-05


«Parma-Management» asset management company LLC. FFMS license for management of investment funds, mutual investment funds and nongovernmental pension funds №21-000-1-00067 from 03 July of 2002 for an unlimited period of time. FFMS license for professional participant of securities market for securities management № 059-09779-001000 from 21 December 2006 for an unlimited period of time.