The competitive advantages of the company are defined by the qualifications of its employees. The growth of human capital and efficiency of its employment are the priorities in the development of PGI-Group.

The average age of PFI-Group specialists is 39 years; 100% of the employees have higher education, 2 people have post-graduate degrees (candidate's degrees), each third employee has a second or extended education, 7 employees hold international certificates.

The management of the company carries out work with the employees, the priority activities of which are defined by the policy of HR development and motivation.

The primary provisions of the Policy of HR Management are defined as follows:

  • Attraction of the best experts, efficient employment of their potential;
  • Improvement of labor productivity, HR development;
  • Building an efficient system of HR motivation;
  • Formulation and implementation of the HR management system, development of corporate culture.

Positioning itself as a business organization of new type, employing a relatively small number of employees, the Company demands the following key qualities from its personnel:

  • Professionalism;
  • Creativity and initiative;
  • Commitment to corporate values.

The Company is aimed at being a "preferred employer" of the specialists, who are willing and able to promote its success.

The management carries out activities for creating productive labor conditions (air conditioning in the offices, procurement of ergonomic equipment, organization of creating services), development of corporate culture (corporate style, traditions, corporate events, awards and insignias).

The motivation of personnel is based on the developed contractual system of employment relations, providing the salaries at the peer group level, applying differentiated system of compensation, financial and non-financial motivation, providing medical insurance.

The Company organizes regular work of unifying the activities of all the companies in PFI-Group in the field of HR management based on corporate standards.