1991 Incorporation of joint-stock company Perm Commodity Exchange. The founders were the leading entities, alliances, organizations, commercial structures, economic and state management bodies, and individuals. The activity of the stock exchange contributed to the development of regional real commodities and stock markets, production base development, capital investments into the existing and newly incorporated entities.
1992 Incorporation of entities LLP Universal Trading House, CJSC Ural Mutual Settlement Corporation, CJSC Trading and Production Enterprise Oilsynthesismarket, LLC Perm Real Estate Agency.
1993 Incorporation of LLP Securities League, and financial holding company OJSC Perm Forestry Producers.
1994 Group of companies on the basis of Perm Commodity Exchange united into Perm Financial and Industrial Group (PFI-Group), the first region's holding that combined trading, industrial and financial capital. Registration of OJSC Insurance Company Adonis.
1995 Incorporation of OJSC Perm Stock Company, CJSC Export Firm Permoil, CJSC Permzernoprodukt, and CJSC Permlessvyaz. Joint efforts of PFI-Group and Oil Company LUKOIL resulted in the incorporation of the one of the most dynamically developing regional oil companies CJSC LUKOIL-Perm.
1996 Incorporation of OJSC Bank Permcredit.
1997 Incorporation of CJSC Television Company T-8 and CJSC Advertising Group Ozone.
1998 PFI-Group actively develops insurance business and acquires real estate.
1999 OJSC Bank Permcredit joins PFI-Group. Holding's management structure was organized to include Energy Division, Financial Markets Division, Direct Production Investments and Real Estate Division, which helped improve company's capital and resources management efficiency.
2000 Non-state Pension Fund Stroganovsky was established within PFI-Group structure.
2001 OJSC PFIG starts the development of an investment and banking group. It also develops oilfield services companies. LLC Permnefteotdacha was incorporated in cooperation with CJSC LUKOIL-Perm. Chusovskaya Melnitsa reconstruction was completed resulting in new grain processing capacities.
2002 Investment and banking activities were spun off by incorporating LLC IBG Parma. PFI-Group strengthened its positions in oilfield services sector. PFIG span off and registered a new joint-stock company PFIG Energy. Large-scale projects were implemented in real estate sector. PFI-Group withdrew from the shareholders of CJSC LUKOIL-Perm.
2003 In parity with CJSC Optimum the Group incorporated Neftserviceholding. The merger of two open non-state pension funds Stroganovsky and Parma was completed on the basis of the latter. PFI-Group sold to Rosgosstrakh its insurance company Perm-ASKO. Acquisition of business centers Ericsson and Samsung. Beginning of the project at Sibirskaya 46 "The Wings".
2004 OJSC PFI-Group was reorganized into a limited liability company. Signing of an agreement on the merger of the two largest independent banks in Prikamye - OJSC Permcredit and OJSC JSCB Ural FD. PFI-Group acquired banking and business center Central City Tower under construction in Zamoskvorechye, Moscow. PFI-Group acquired a 100% stake in the authorized capital of LLC Resort Demidkovo and a share in OJSC Morion.
2005 Joining ER-Telecom project. Signing of a Cooperation Agreement in the field of oilfield services between LLC LUKOIL-Perm and NSH. Scheduled restructuring of non-core assets (disposal of CJSC Chusovskaya Melnitsa, CJSC Perm Clothing Models House, OJSC Nytva, LLC Medical and Insurance Company Medprana-Lux, LLC Medical and Insurance Company Asko-Dio-Med). Completion of the merger between OJSC Bank Permcredit and OJSC JSCB Ural FD resulting in the establishment of the region's largest independent all-service bank. The largest object of commercial real estate was commissioned into operation - the first stage of banking and business center Central City Tower ion Moscow. The construction of the Petropavlovsky housing complex in Perm completed as well as the construction of a new hotel building in the Demidkovo Resort. Acquisition of Kama hotel and incorporation of LLC Business Hotel Kama.
2006 PFI-Group has consolidated the controlling share in CJSC ER-Telecom. Entry to the market of share participation in housing construction. Participation in the project Alpine Hill. Participation in the project Severnoye Tushino.
2007 Active development of land plots stock. Completion of projects Atel, Media-seti, UralOilPererabotka, Oilsynthesisgroup. Beginning of the deluxe out-of-own villas construction project in the Demidkovo village.
2008 Increase of the share in CJSC ER-Telecom Holding. Entry to oilfield services market of Kazakhstan.
2009 Entry to the oilfield services market of Kazakhstan, strengthening of positions in the Kazakhstan market of geophysical works and research. Development and adoption of ER-Telecom aggressive development strategy in 26 new Russian cities, launch of the project in 5 new cities (Voronezh, Saratov, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk) as the first stage of the aggressive strategy.
2010 Announcement of ER-Telecom's aggressive strategy and attraction of co-investors: the sale of a 10% stake to Baring Vostok Group; start-up of the project in Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl and Saint-Petersburg; setup and launch of a unified call-center (Izhevsk) and corporate telephone sales center (Perm). The Alpine Hill project: completion of construction and commissioning of the first trefoil, beginning of sales.